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Dry Ice Blasting

Thanks to this special method of blasting which uses carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice, we are able to clean work pieces such as spare parts, vehicle bodies and other components or casting molds very gently.

Dry ice blasting is used for the following purposes:

  • Removal of lacquer from restoration objects
  • Removal of coating such as rubber lining, resins and wax
  • Cleaning and removal of oils, grease, protective undercoating, binding agents and silicones

This method uses compressed air in contrast to more common abrasive blasting method that use metals, minerals or plastics as agents, therefore it can be used almost without any form of hesitation.

At normal environmental conditions the blasting agent goes directly into a gaseous state after ice blasting and is non-toxic. A further advantage is that no other substance, which needs to be disposed or recycled, is produced during the process, leaving merely the coating and impurities to be disposed of. This is an enormous advantage compared to the use of blasting agents such as blasting sand, steel particles or plastic particles.

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