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Our rental service: everything from one source

Buying a forklift for a short-term project is often unprofitable. Therefore, you can make use of our rental service for frontloaders, tow trucks, storage technology, cleaning machines and work platforms. Throughout Germany!
Do you have questions? Our team will inform you, quick and uncomplicated.
CE-T rental hotline: +49 211  99 61 40 08

Gabelstapler in NRW und ganz Deutschland von CE-T


Electric or gas powered frontloaders may be used indoors in Germany. Depending on model, a lifting weight of one to eight tons can be moved to a lifting height of up to six meters.

Schlepper, Gabelstapler mieten in NRW und ganz Deutschland bei CE-T

Tow tractor

For moving heavy loads on ground level, tow tractors are must suitable and are capable of moving up to 20 tons, depending on the model. Tow tractors are used e.g. in the construction of planes and motor trucks and for in-house transportation of trailers and shelves.

Reinigungsmaschinen, Gabelstapler mieten in NRW und ganz Deutschland bei CE-T

Cleaning technology

The rapid cleaning of large surface is hardly possible without professional devices. After fairs, exhibitions and large events a rapid and thorough cleaning effect can be obtain using professional cleaning technology. Please contact us concerning suitable solutions.

Niederhubwagen, Gabelstapler mieten in NRW und ganz Deutschland bei CE-T

Low lift trucks

Low lift trucks also belong to the category of industrial vehicles and are mainly equipped with electric engines. They are used e.g. for transporting palettes and palette cages. Due to the electric engine, the effort required by the operator for lifting and moving is enormously reduced.

Hochhubwagen, Gabelstapler mieten in NRW und ganz Deutschland bei CE-T

Pallet stackers

Pallet stackers are also used to move heavy loads on palettes and palette cages on ground level. Their advantage compared to low lift trucks, is their ability to lift loads higher than a low-lift truck is capable to. This makes it possible to e.g. stock shelves with palettes.

Schubmaster, Gabelstapler mieten in NRW und ganz Deutschland bei CE-T

Reach trucks

In order to pick up heavy loads, the mast of reach trucks is pushed forwards. The forks of the forklift are then located in front of the vehicle. For transporting the load, the mast is retracted. Since reach trucks are mainly used indoors, they are generally equipped with electric engines.

CE-T Gabelstapler kleiner Stapler Grafik

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