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Our daily business revolves around everything that relates to forklifts and warehouse technology. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to merely selling second hand forklifts, cleaning technology and suitable accessories. Instead, we also offer expert services for batteries, transportation and much more.

Batterien für Gabelstapler und Lagertechnik von CE-T

Forklift batteries

Führerschein für Gabelstapler und Lagertechnik von CE-T

Forklift driving license

Acquiring and continuously maintaining a forklift driving license, in Germany called a “Staplerschein”, is essential for the safety of the stored goods and most importantly of the employees.
Therefore, we offer courses in regular intervals.

Deutschlandweiter Transport von Gabelstaplern und Lagertechnik durch CE-T


As experts for forklifts and warehouse technology, we are well versed in all of the relevant tasks that are involved in transporting large vehicles and equipment. Do not leave the task of transporting your machines to chance. Assign this task to experts. To us.

CE-T Gabelstapler kleiner Stapler Grafik

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